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TO ALL GREEKS.....PLEASE READ [Feb. 1st, 2005|11:46 pm]



30 minutes ago I was sitting in a screening of the movie "Invisible Children" and the first people I thought of were all of you. This movie is a documentary/story of three film makers fresh out of college and their journey to Uganda. Jason Russel a 2002 USC grad as well as a SIGMA CHI, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Poole, took this trip to Uganda together and it changed them.

They discovered thousands upon thousands of children fearing for their lives and fighting for safety hiding from Rebel forces. Children who were being abducted and still are being abducted today... and so they decided to create this film to bring the story they found to all of us back here at home...

Part of their plan is to spread the word by having house parties where the movie is shown. I know our Delta Zeta chapter, here is going to have one right away after a number of us we blessed enough to see the film.
As sisters and brothers were have a bond that we celebrate through parties, ritual, and philanthropy...This new mission is a way for us as Greeks to share in humanity and love so PLEASE...PLEASE!

Go to: www.invisiblechildren.com and get this movie share it with your school and chapter, keep this effort alive and let's show everyone what being human is about...

Delta Zeta
Xi Omicron Chapter
Loyola Marymount University